A Life to Love: A Series

I believe the best way I can describe my intentions for this series is, a public diary. I would like to recount odd stories in order to ensure they don’t slip from my memory over time. I would also like to learn to accept all the odd and even unwanted occurrences that happen in my life. My last main goal…

Protected: Looking for Love: Part 2

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


Struggles College Students Have When They Come Home for Break

The bliss that college students feel following the completion of their last final is comparable to High School Musical’s clock countdown scene. I personally awarded my not-starving or flunking out this fall semester by getting Salata (expensive subway-style salad) for lunch, Torchy’s [overpriced] Taco’s for dinner, and finally frozen yogurt for dessert. Eating for the day cost more than I…