Eiffel Tower


One of my favorite pictures I took while I was in Paris, now edited and totally revamped!


Friends from Around the World

Thousands of miles, an ocean, and multiple languages separate the United States from the eastern hemisphere. As different as this side of the world is from my home, Europe has been extremely good to me.

Never would I have thought that upon arriving in Spain, I would make such an array of friends. I now have friends in England, France, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Iceland, Switzerland, Denmark, Holland, Turkey, India, China, Korea, and other places in the US. Meeting people with different cultural and social backgrounds from my own has taught me so much.

I believe that these people have made me a better person: I am more diverse, understanding, and I ma better socially, mentally, and. When you are constantly with people who have had experiences that vary from yours and who see things from another point of view, you are challenged.

Together, we have challenged stereotypes and broken barriers. I admit that I am

First photos in Spain

Some of my first pictures in Spain! Love them a lot 🙂

go exploring!
you never know where you can find amazing views
see things from an interesting angle
there is beauty in everything
millions of artsy possibilities
beautiful beaches
beautiful skies
beautiful sunsets

The Over-Packer’s Guide to Unpacking

How to make the most of limited space and resources.


When I moved in with my host family here in Spain, I couldn’t wait to start unpacking. I hated the two and a half days of living out of suitcase while staying at the school.  A problem that I immediately noticed was that there were very few hangers (9 to be exact). I thought that I would have to choose the most important shirts and dresses to hang up and fold the rest. BUT there was also limited drawer space. What was I going to do!? Well… I found a solution that I must say, I am very proud of.

“How?” you may ask! It may seem impossible considering that I packed about 23 shirts, 6 jeans, 5 Nikes, 4 dresses, 4 t-shirts, 3 skirts, 2 leggings, 2 tights and only received half a closet. Welcome to the over-packer’s guide to unpacking!

I think we can all agree that it is important to hang your nice shirts as well as your dresses. All of mine happened to fit into 5 main color groups: red, white, green, blue and black. Each hanger is assigned a color and the clothes that are in that category are all hung together, for organizational purposes.

I started off by putting either a dress or a long sleeved shirt on the hanger first because it is easy to see despite what I put on the hanger next. I then put a short sleeved shirt, then a tank top, and finally a sleeveless of the shoulder shirt. When you organize each hanger in this fashion, you are able to see every article of clothing in one way or another.


I would also like to inform you that even though I have 9 hangers, because of my amazing organizational techniques, I only “needed” 8 and I save the 9th for special occasions.

You may also be wondering, “How did you organize the rest of your closet/ where did you put the rest of your things?”. Well do I have an answer for you!!!
Sophia (my friend that I came to Spain with) and I have to share the closet and thus hangers, drawers, shelf space, etc. That means that I get half of the very small, 3 drawers. This was why I had to hang so many things. I decided to use my personal drawer for my t-shirts, nike shorts, leggings, and tights. There is a lot of space left over in this drawer because I brought very few of these articles of clothing compared to the amount I have at home (people don’t dress like that in Spain). My half drawer, which I obviously share with Sophia is used to hold my jeans as well as my 3 skirts. That drawer is stuffed as much as it can be.

What about my under garments? There is a shoe holder on both mine and Sophia’s side of the closet. Mine has 6 compartments. I use the compartments for bras, sports bras, undies, short socks, long socks, and one is empty. My floor space is reserved for my shoes and some of Sophia’s. And finally, My one shelf, I use to hold a random assortment of swimsuits, bathroom products, vitamins, makeup, and basically anything else that I couldn’t find a place for.

Maybe I’ll do a video room tour soon. I can’t imagine that it would be very interesting, but I’d be glad to showcase my amazing organizational skills! Thanks for reading, I hope that this will be of help to anyone who may face a similar situation.


A Day in Beautiful San Antonio

I have been wanting to explore San Antonio ever since I can remember. Not being near San Antonio made me love it so much more. My friend Sophia and I went on a little expedition and I began to capture just how beautiful this city truly is.San Antonio Wall ArtI am severely directionally challenged, which ended up being a blessing today. While trying to find my way downtown, Sophia spotted this beautiful building. We just had to stop to take pictures.

DSC_2650sophia downtown color wall

After our improv photoshoot, we were back on our way. Still struggling, we ended up parking by Travis Park, crossed the street and went to the St. Anthony Hotel. This hotel was elegant and had some great views. Because we weren’t actually guests, we didn’t go in any rooms, but the rest of the hotel was amazing.



The views from the 10th floor Sky Terrace were wonderful. You can see the whole city. From the Hard Rock Cafe on the Riverwalk to the Tower of Life.


You can also see Travis Park and St. Mark’s Episcopal Church.


With just 30 minutes left before our parking meter expired, we left the hotel and took a walk through the park and to St. Mark’s Episcopal Church.


The park was beautiful and green, this is unusual for San Antonio which is typically much more dry and brown? Between the tiny book shop on wheels, the food truck, a wall of art, and a giant chess board, there was plenty to keep us occupied.


Once our meter time was up, we once again, drove without knowing where we were trying to get to. Blindly, we drove until we got to Houston Street Garage. Then working without a GPS or map, we slowly, slowly found our way to the Riverwalk.


San Antonio is known for their famous Riverwalk. You can take a boat tour down the river, or you can walk alongside it while stopping at the many shops and restaurants that proudly showcase San Antonio’s Mexican culture.


You also have to make sure you walk along the streets and head toward La Villita, of course we arrived there by accident, but we got some great pictures out of it.


All in all, San Antonio is a beautiful, colorful, cultural gem. If you’re ever in Texas, you know where to go.