Another View of the Eiffel Tower

Paris was so beautiful in every single way. The views, the people, the language. It is so weird to think that I was standing in a church that is older than the United States. It was also strange being cold in July. That has not happened in Texas… ever!


Friends from Around the World

Thousands of miles, an ocean, and multiple languages separate the United States from the eastern hemisphere. As different as this side of the world is from my home, Europe has been extremely good to me.

Never would I have thought that upon arriving in Spain, I would make such an array of friends. I now have friends in England, France, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Iceland, Switzerland, Denmark, Holland, Turkey, India, China, Korea, and other places in the US. Meeting people with different cultural and social backgrounds from my own has taught me so much.

I believe that these people have made me a better person: I am more diverse, understanding, and I ma better socially, mentally, and. When you are constantly with people who have had experiences that vary from yours and who see things from another point of view, you are challenged.

Together, we have challenged stereotypes and broken barriers. I admit that I am